Senior Infants

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these unfortunate times. We are missing the boys terribly and really hope we get to see them very soon back in the classrooms again.

 I have outlined a list of activities that will help keep the boys busy. I suggest that you take a couple of activities and do them daily. If you don’t have access to internet please don’t worry, just do some of the other activities. I find that the mornings are good times to do some of these tasks, as the boys will be fresh and ready to work.

Obviously, it is entirely up to you how you wish to manage this and please don’t feel under any pressure to complete all of the work. The children will naturally learn through play and creativity at this age. Really try and minimise unnecessary screen time if you can and get the boys playing boardgames, building forts, playing with lego, kicking a ball, nature walks, creating pictures etc…

 Every household will be different and will have different challenges to cope with and hopefully overcome during these times. Looking after one another is the main thing for us to focus on during this period and showing the children the importance of kindness during challenging times.

Don’t worry about the boys, kids are very resilient and these smart little boys will catch up on school work in no time 😊 Try to put some of the skills that they have learnt in school to date into continuous practise. Repetition is key at this young age.   

Stay safe, we are thinking of you all and we are here to help!

Ms. Collins and Ms. Hurley

                                                            Senior Infants 23rd March  2020


called Magic In The Sky Reader (click on links- senior infants- English- Rainbow stage 1 – Magic In The Sky)

  • This website will allow you and your child to revise the sounds they already know in a fun way . Please use Sounds Like Phonics Activity Book b.
  • Focus on new Sounds: er sound / ue sound  (listen to story (, practise song/action to accompany the sounds has many songs and videos recorded. Brainstorm and write out words containing the er and ue sounds.
  • At this stage of the year your son knows how to read and identify his 60 tricky words, let’s start getting him used to writing them in sentences. Practise writing out the following tricky words – I, the, he, she, me, we, be, was, to, do
  • Call out simple sentences and ask your child to write them down e.g. Tom ran faster than Sam/ She will go to the shop later/ I like to bake with my mum etc…. Give your child plenty of time to sound out the words independently. Give them plenty of encouragement for attempting independently 😊
  • Write a daily diary entry.
  • Practise forming capital M and N ( reminding your child “ you always start you letters from the top”).
  • Listen to an audible story on or If you don’t have internet access simply read some stories to your son and ask him questions based on the story. Get him to retell you the story in his own words.
  • Write a letter and draw a picture to someone that you think would like to hear from you.


  • Focus on the number 10. Encourage your son to make the number 10 out of playdough, trace it, write it, make it out of pasta etc… Count different household items totally 10. Use counters (or pieces of pasta or small little toy figures) to calculate all the different ways you can make 10 e.g. 3 and 7 altogether make ten, 2 and 8 equal 10 etc… Ask your son to write some of these sums out.
  • Revise number formation of 0 – 9
  • Time: Teach your son about the clock ( analog, not digital). Introduce him to the concept of 2 hands and the face of the clock.  Just focus on the o’ clock times e.g. 3 O’ Clock, 6 O’ Clock etc… They would enjoy learning how to draw their own clocks and making up their own O’clock times.
  • has some lovely maths activities, we use it a lot in the classroom. You will find plenty of maths games listed under Whiteboard Resources


  • Encourage your child to watch 1 cartoon daily in Gaeilge on TnaG.


  • Walking/running/cycling. Get the boys out in the fresh air running around playing chasing, kicking a ball or doing some obstacles courses. Have some fun with this, its good for the body and mind!
  • RTE Junior have several 10-minute work outs that the children love to do
  •  Cosmic kids yoga on You Tube
  • The Body Coach on YouTube channel

Other Activities

  • Play Simon Says
  • Bake a cake and encourage your son to write out the steps after e.g. Pour the flour into the bowl. Mix in the butter etc….
  • Draw/paint a Spring themed picture
  • Play plenty of board games.
  • Build a space rocket out of lego
  • Learn a pop song and encourage you son to create his own dance to go with the music

Extra Information: If your child is looking for factual information and clarity about the covid 19 this is an interview that Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn did with RTÉ’s new2day programme last week ( might be useful for some of the boys with older siblings)