Junior Infants activities

Ms. Daly & Ms. Hurley’s Junior Infants 30th  March – 3rd April 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope ye are all doing good and enjoying the sunshine !! I miss seeing ye in school every day, hope ye are being extra good for your parents and helping them out at home 😊 I know with the lock down introduced it is very hard, that you are missing your friends but you did a great job with social distancing – keep it up !😊😊  

RTE 2 will have an hour dedicated to school work from 1100-1200 Monday – Friday starting from 30th March, might be worth a look at.

Below are some activities to do at home during the week.

Take care and stay safe.


****Reading should be practised every day****

  • Rhyme

‘I’m an Easter Bunny’

I’m an Easter Bunny,

Watch me hop. ( hop around)

Here are my two ears,

See how they flop. ( hold hands at side of head and flop them.)

Here is my cotton tail,

Here is my nose. ( wiggle hips, then point to nose.)

I’m all furry,

From head to toes. ( Point to head, then to toes.)


  • Watch Jolly Phonics Video letter ‘w’ and practise singing the song with the action.
  • Think of 5 things that begin with the letter ‘w’ (work, window, wood, etc)
  • Practise writing the letter ‘w’. (Remember to use the correct pencil grip and letter formation, diagonally down, diagonally up, diagonally down, diagonally up)
  • Draw Pictures of ‘w’ words.
  • Keep revising all letters and sounds. Repetition is very important! See attached game, write out or use sound cards and put them on a surface, you child can tap the sounds as you call them, or use it for spelling words.

Tricky Words

  • Practise reading 1-20 (sent last week).
  • Practise putting them into sentences orally, ensure they understand the meaning of the words.
  • Encourage your son to write out the tricky words.


  • Continue to practise the Days of the Week. Discuss the words ‘weekdays’ and ‘weekend’.
  • Continue to practise counting to 10 forwards and backwards (Ask questions using before and after. e.g. ‘What comes before 5?’ ‘What comes after 2?’
  • Play what is the missing number, have the numbers in order or mixed up, your child has to find which of the numbers are missing
  • Practise forming the numbers 1-5 using playdough
  • Practise writing numbers 1-5. ( Remember: Number Formation)
  • Activity Idea using number: Ask your son to draw 2 fish, 1 apple, etc
  • Addition game- similar to bowling, when they knock the skittle (kitchen roll) they need to add the numbers, see attached.


  • Encourage your son to watch one cartoon daily in Irish on TnaG, e.g. PJ Masks is on at 0830 and 15.10.


  • Practise ball throwing and catching skills. Make it fun: e.g. throwing at a target
  • RTE Junior have several 10-minute work outs that the children love to do https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/
  • Cosmic kids yoga on You Tube
  • The Body Coach 9 am on YouTube channel
  • See attached name game.
  • See attached image of different walking / running activities


  • Go on a nature Spring Walk;  observing the signs of Spring. E.g. daffodils, crocuses, butterflies, birds signing…
  • Draw a Spring picture including all the signs of Spring.

SPHE – Stay Safe Programme

  • Talk with your child about the types of touches he or she likes and dislikes.
  • Tell your child it’s okay to say ‘No’ if an adult asks him or her to do something the child feels is dangerous or unsafe. Remind your child that it’s okay to say ‘No’ if an adult touches him or her in a way that the child doesn’t like – for example, some children don’t like being tickled, hugged or kissed by some adults.
  • Discuss with your child safe and unsafe touches and the rules he or she has learned in class: say ‘No’ – get away and tell. Tell your child never to keep any touch a secret and that he or she should always tell an adult.