Microsoft TEAMS

Dear parents,

We would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts over the last number of weeks in supporting their children’s learning at home. The teachers have reported that all the boys are working extremely hard at home and they are very proud of them. Thank you for your support at this time.

At present we are communicating using the following:

  • Work is posted weekly using Aladdin and via
  • Each family is contacted directly by the teacher once a week.
  • Parents may email teachers at their school email address.

To allow for easier communication between teachers and pupils we have setup Microsoft TEAMS accounts for all staff and pupils in the school. We will be testing this out this week and would ask that all parents/pupils login to their school Microsoft account and go to the TEAMS app.

Here is how you do this:

  1. All parents will be sent their son’s email and password via Aladdin
  2. On your laptop
  3. On your Andorid/iPhone phone/tablet
    • Download the Android Microsoft TEAMS app
    • Use your email and password
  4. Check if you can see your class
  5. If you can well done. Send a message to your teacher to say you logged in.
  6. If not email the school and we will contact you to help you out.
  7. Using your email address your child has access to office365.
  8. To ensure your child’s safety online the teachers has access to every child’s account and every child’s activities online are monitored.
  9. There is excellent internet safety tips at