3rd Class Homework Miss Mangan 20th – 24th April

Dear Parent/s,

I hope that you all had a restful Easter break. It was lovely to see the sun shining and I hope everyone made the best of the good weather.  I know I certainly did. As I have said before, the homework is a guide and you should try to complete each day as best you can. If the work given is proving stressful in any way, please take a break from it. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the work, please don’t hesitate to email me at ymangan@togherboys.com. I will be in contact with you again over the coming week.

English Spellings                                                 Irish Spellings:

wing                                                                        dath (a colour)

king                                                                         dathanna (colours)

ring                                                                          ag dathú (colouring)

sing                                                                  áthas (happy)

song                                                                         bláth (a flower)

long                                                                          bláthanna (flowers)

gang                                                                           liath ( grey)

fang                                                                        liathróid ( a ball )

hung                                                                          cathaoir (a chair)

stung                                                                          mo theach ( my house)

flung                                                                          mo thábla ( my table)

wedding                                                            mo thraein ( my train)


sting                                                                            Rule : mo + “h”



Dictation Sentences:

  1. The king lost his crown somewhere in the palace.
  2. The baby bird fell out of the nest and hurt its wing.
  3. My brother is going to sing at the concert next week.
  4. I saw the new film about aliens last weekend but I found it boring.
  5. My sister is going to be a flower girl at a wedding next July.   

Creative Writing (Helpful words):


Undo the knot

Be taken hostage



Ransom money



Irish Questions (Meanings):

Cé? – Who?                     Cathain? – When?                         Cén fáth? – Why?

Cad? – What?                  Cén t-am? – What time?               Conas? – How?

Céard? – What?               Cá/Cár? – Where?                         Cé mhéad? – How much?

Links from the table above:




Other useful websites:






www.topmarks.co.uk (the daily 10 mental maths is a fabulous resource)


www.twinkl.ie (free resources for a month)


The Body Coach  TV workouts (youtube 9 a.m. Monday – Friday )

Extra activities:

Gratitude Journal: Daily activity – Write three things that you are grateful for today.

Your family will need all your help and support during this time so maybe you could offer to help fold or put away the laundry or learn how to start machines to lighten the load. Have a go, I bet you will feel great after helping someone out.

Daily Challenge (P. E.) –

The Daily 10:

10 jumping jacks

10 burpees

10 crunches

10 front lunges

10 pushups

10 squats

10 calf raises

10 knee raises

10 second plank

10 mountain climbers

Full Name Workout:

Spell out your full name and complete the exercise listed for each letter. For a greater challenge include your middle name and do each one twice. For variety you can use a historical/famous person’s name or a family member.


We will be covering the theme of The Rainforest over the next few weeks. As a starting point we need to understand the different layers of the Rainforest (click on the link below).


This Ebook is fantastic for learning about the different layers of the rainforest. You can read a little bit each day if you like.


Check out this virtual rainforest online.


Rainforest colouring pages


Stay Safe program: (Revision)


You can click on Teacher Resources and access the lessons and the resources (3rd and 4th class lessons)

Topic 1 Lesson 3: Feeling safe/unsafe:

Discuss with your child times when they feel safe and unsafe and ask him to give you examples from the lessons.

Talk to your child about potentially unsafe or dangerous or threatening situations.

Discuss the importance of never keeping secrets about times they feel unsafe and that they should always tell an adult.

Discuss safety rules and strategies they can use when they feel unsafe or are in potentially dangerous of threatening situations.

Make sure to look after yourself and your family and while I always say that schoolwork is important, be sure to make time for the fun things too, especially as the weather is starting to pick up. Stay safe and I hope to meet you all again very soon. Tell the boys that I’m really missing them and that I look forward to talking to them and hearing about what they have been getting up to over the last few weeks on Microsoft Teams. Have a good week and take care of yourselves.

Miss Mangan