Ms O’Sullivan Second Class Homework – 20th – 24th April

Dear Parents and Boys

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I also hope that you enjoyed the Easter break. I have enclosed a plan of work for the week ahead. To the boys, I know we are not at school at the moment and learning from home is strange and not normal so I only ask for you to try your best and do what you can. I’m looking forward to hearing from you again this week. You can also send me your “Animal Report” to correct if you wish to do so.

Thinking of you all

Ms. O’Sullivan

Gaeilge: An Teilifís (The Television)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 86 agus 87.

Words that will help you: in aice = next to, ar an = on the, ag an = at,

faoin = under, sa = in

                                                                                                                                      Draw a picture of your sitting room and label everything using the words highlighted in the story below.

Read this story every day.

Sa Seomra Suí

An tráthnóna atá ann. (It is the afternoon)

Tá an chlann sa seomra suí. (The family are in the sitting room)

Tá Daidí ina shuí ar an tolg. (Daddy is sitting on the couch)

Tá sé ag caint ar an bhfón póca. (He is talking on his mobile phone)

Ta lampa sa chúinne. (The lamp is in the corner)

pictiúr ar an mballa. (The picture is on the wall)

tine sa tintéan. (The fire is in the fireplace)

Ta bláthanna ar an mbord. (The flowers are on the table)

Tá Bran faoin mbord. (Bran is under the table)

cuirtíní ar an bhfuinneog. (The curtains are on the window)

Ta Mamaí ina suí ag an ríomhaire. (Mammy is sitting at the computer)

Tá printéir, páipéar agus luch in aice leis an ríomhaire. (The printer, paper and mouse are next to the computer.

Tá na páistí ag feachaint ar an teilifís. (The children are watching the television)

Litriú Spellings: Léine (shirt)    bróga (shoe)     stocaí (socks)    cóta (coat)       bríste (pants)     hata (hat)     gúna (dress)


Reading: Adventures by the Sea – Read pages 34-38. (1 page every day)

Spellings: Spellbound pg 52 box 1-4 (Initial consonant blend gl) – 1 box every day

Phonics: Silent b. Look up Mr. Thorne Does Phonics silent b.

 honest   hour   ghost   echo   whisk   ache   spaghetti   rhinoceros   rhyme  

MondayGrammar: Skills Book pg 67 (Capital letters 2).

Tuesday Creative Writing: Report WritingWrite about an animal of choice under the following headings: (link with this week’s science lesson)

1: My Animal

2: Appearance (What the animal looks like?)

3: What does it eat?

4: Habitat (Where does it live?)

5: Dynamics (What does it do?)

6: Interesting facts about my Animal

Wednesday– Spellbound pages 52 and 53 activities A-H.

Thursday-Comprehension: Skills Book pg 59 Q 1-4. Also make up 2 questions of your own and if possible phone a friend to see if he can answer them.

Oral Language: Topic- Transport (This is for 2 weeks)

The Rainbow Oral Language Programme Response Book is available at (Go to unit 12 pg 52)

New vocabulary- transport, vehicles, rail transport, docks, port, passengers,  freight, ferry, sea liner, containers. (Look up 1 word in the dictionary each day)

Keep reading as many books as you can. You can access free library books at 

Maths – Capacity

Busy at Maths is available at

Busy at maths pages 144 – 147. Do not do number 2 on page 146.

Brain Teasers page 54 number 6-10.

Revise skip counting in 5’s

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60.

-8 tables for the week.

SPHE: Topic- Feeling Safe and Unsafe

Sammy’s Story can be found at

Ask your son to draw a picture about a time when he felt safe.

Science: Dublin Zoo Fun series provides the boys with a daily activity booklet to work on each day.  It can be found at :  Feeding times are the best time of the day to catch an animal. Elephants can usually be seen at around 10.30am and 12.30am. The penguins get peckish around 2.30pm.


Revise the 1st verse of the Prayer Before Communion. Say it twice daily.

Lord Jesus, come to me

Lord Jesus, give me your love

Lord Jesus, come to me and give me yourself

Below are some ideas for keeping active.