4th Class Mr Collins Monday April 20th- Friday April 24th

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and that you are all coping well in these challenging times. Unfortunately we will not return to school on Monday as planned and the following list of activities is a guide for you and your child in the coming week .You may decide that your child will complete all, some or none of the activities and this is entirely your decision . I am available as a support on Microsoft Teams and will do my best to assist you and your child in whatever way I can. I would be delighted to see their work if it is possible for you to forward it to me. I can then send an acknowledgement and perhaps an encouraging note.

 I really miss all of the lads and hope I will see them all really soon.

Tabhair aire agus fan slán. Liam

Every day I would recommend continuing on with one test from BrainTeasers. Continue with one each day in sequential order.

For spelling and litriú, move on to the next unit this week. For English spellings, I would advise taking 4 words a day for 4 days; 16 words in total. For litriú, take 3 words a day for 4 days; 12 words in total.

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Maths: – Every day practice multiplication and division tables. These can be done in a fun and enjoyable manner through challenges and games. Recite tables within a certain time frame, get 10/15/20 tables correct in a row etc, etc. The maths games Fizz Buzz and Buno are especially popular in the class.

Operations: Money

For the coming week, we will go back over money. Money is something we use every day so it is very important to understand. As you know, there is 100 cent in a euro. As a result 200c= €2, 300= €3 and so on

When combining cents and euros, you use a decimal point and the euro symbol. You do not use the cent symbol. For example: 250c= €2.50

376c= €3.76

Monday: Converting Euros and cents

Here is a page with questions about money. You are asked to convert cents to euros and euros to cents. For example, 37c= €0.37, 235c=€2.35

Next you are asked to round cents to the nearest euro. Remember that evry hundred cent is equal to 1 euro. You must look at the tens and decide if it rounds up or down. Remember 1-4 rounds down and 5-9 rounds up.

Examples 318c rounds to €3

874c rounds to €9

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Tuesday: Today we look at going shopping, spending money and getting change. Finding how much change you are owed is simple. You subtract the price of the item from the money you spent.

You are also asked how much money you need to reach a certain amount. When we want to find the gap between two numbers, we subtract. For example if I had €10 and I needed €15, I can find out how much more I need by subtracting 10 from 15. €15-€10=€5. Write out all your sums and do them downwards!

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Wednesday: This page gives you a few challenges about saving and spending money. These are important skills for children and adults to learn. Have a go at this page

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Thursday: We have been practicing addition and subtraction before the Easter holidays and they come up again here. adding and subtraction with money is the exact same as normal so remember everything we have learned. For subtraction don’t forget to borrow and pay back! Another important thing to remember is the decimal point which separates euros and cents

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Friday: Time to apply your knowledge of money to real life situations. Here are some problems for you to have a go at solving! Use your copy to write out your solutions.

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Keep going with the litriú! 3 words a day x 3


Here is a nice page of exercises you could try during the week.

  1. Cad atá cearr leat?- What is wrong with you?

fearg- angry

tart- thirsty

tuirse- tired

ocras- hungry

eagla- scared

2. D’fhág sí an bosca lóin ar an _______- She left the lunch box on____

ar an stól – on the stool

ar an gcathaoir- on the chair

ar an gcuntar- on the counter

ar an mbord- on the table

ar an leaba- on the bed

ar an talamh- on the ground

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Read a book for 20 minutes every day.

Continue spending 10 minutes evrey couple of days writing a diary about your day and what is going on around you. There have been a lot of changes in the past week This is your chance to write about what you are experiencing and how you are feeling. Use your new words in your writing and concentrate on beautiful handwriting, punctuation and spelling. Look over your work at least twice and fix any mistakes you spot!

My Read at Home. Continue on with My Read at Home do a page a day and answer the questions in your copy.

As we know, this current period of time will be remembered in history. Over the course of the week, fill out this time capsule so that in years to come people can look back at what life was like for you and your family. Take a couple of pages each day. it may take a while but there’s no rush. This is also your history for the week


Music: New song for this week. Yellow Submarine by a very famous band from Liverpool in England called The Beatles. This song is great fun so enjoy.



How to draw with Don ConroyDraw with Don YouTube channel RTE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo4dO9D4okn25M6mvfB02rQ https://youtu.be/k1YV_Y6dQUk https://youtu.be/k1YV_Y6dQUk


Every day this week, I challenge you to do 25 jumping jacks, 12 press-ups and 50 high knees. Do these three exercises three times a day.

Here is a link for RTE juniors 10 at 10. Do one of these every day. This can be found at https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/

StorytellingDavid Walliamshttps://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/  

This year we have spoken a lot about Gratitude and Kindness. Every day write down 3 things you are grateful for and 3 kind things you did for others today. It is so important that you are helpful and caring to your families during this time. You have the chance to fill someone else’s bucket every single day

Here is an attachment of the Stay Safe programme and resources. This would be a good time to go over the important messages in this programme.


Most importantly, have fun with your families. Play plenty of games, practice your sports or instruments and read some books!

I have attached two websites which are recommended by the school if parents are looking for additional ideas.

  1. Khan academy (maths online, need to register for this) https://www.khanacademy.org 

2. seomra ranga (daily general knowledge quiz with a prize) https://www.seomraranga.com/