Ms. O’Sullivan, Second Class:Week 27th April-1st May.

Dear Parents

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely dry weather over the last few days. I also hope you are keeping well. It was lovely to speak to some of you on the phone during the week. Please find some suggested work for the boys for the week ahead. We are starting Subtraction with Renaming this week. I have made 3 videos for your son to watch to help with his understanding of this new concept. Please ask your child to watch these videos each day before he tries his sums. If your son is having any difficulties please contact me via email or on Microsoft Teams. The boys can also send me their “Transport Report” to correct if they wish to do so.

Thanking You

Ms. O’Sullivan.


An Sorcas- Read this story every day.

Chuaigh an chlann go dtí go dtí an sorcas. (The family went to the circus).

Chonaic said fear grinn. (They saw a clown).

Bhí hata ard ar a cheann. (There was a tall hat on his head).

Chonaic said rón. (They saw a seal).

Bhí liathróid ar a shrón. (There was a ball his nose).

Bhí an-spórt ag na páistí. (The children had a lot of fun).

An Luan (Monday)

Draw a picture of the circus including pictures of the words highlighted in the story above. Label the pictures.

An Mháirt (Tuesday)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 89.

Is maith leis an tíogar = He likes the tiger.

Is maith léi an leon = She likes the lion.

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 90.

Dathaigh an pictiúr. (Colour the picture)

An Déardaoin (Thursday

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 127.  Answer all the activities on the page.

Litriú – (Spellings)

Bua na Cainte lch 127 – Dathanna (Colours)

bán (white)

buí (yellow)

glas (green)

donn (brown)

gorm (blue)

dubh (black)

dearg (red)



 My Read at Home Book: Read page 70 – Submarines (Monday)

 Adventures by the Sea: Read pages 39 -41 (Tues, Wed and Thurs)

Spellings: Spellbound page 54 box 1-4 (Initial consonant blend sp). Do one box every day.

Phonics: Silent C. Look at Mr Thorne Does Phonics Silent C in the link below.

scent (smell)      


scene (a part of a play or film)       


scientist (someone who studies or works in science)

muscle (part of your body that helps you to move and gives you strength)

descend (to move down)   

fascinate (if something fascinates you it catches your interest and holds it)

fluorescent (very brightly coloured)

Monday – Comprehension: My Read at Home Book page 70 (Submarines), answer Q 1-5.

Tuesday – Report Writing: Transport.

Watch the video in the attached link and then write about transport under the following headings. Land Travel, Air Travel and Water Travel. Pick one way of travelling under each of the headings. Use the questions given below to help you.

Land Travel (car, bus, train, bike, taxi, scooter)

Describe your vehicle. Does it move fast or slow?

Can your vehicle carry many passengers?

Can it travel over long distances?

Where would you find it if it wasn’t moving? (port, airport, drive, shed, railway station)

Have you ever travelled this way? Where were you going?

Air Travel (aeroplane, helicopter, hot air balloon)

Use the same questions to help you here.

Water Travel (ship, boat, submarine)

Use the same questions here.

Wednesday – Grammar: Skills Book page 66 (Ten questions in ten minutes)

ThursdaySpellbound pages 54 and 55 activities A-H.

Oral Language: Topic – Transport. (Continued from last week)

The Rainbow Oral Language Programme Response Book is available at

New vocabulary – transport, vehicles, rail transport, docks, port, passengers, freight, ferry, sea liner, containers. (Look up 1 word in the dictionary each day)

Keep reading as many books as you can. You can access free library books at

Maths: Subtraction with Renaming

Subtraction with Renaming is a new concept for the boys. I have made 3 videos for them to watch to help with their understanding of it. Ask the boys to watch the videos a few times every day.

Monday: Busy at Maths page 138 number 1 and 2.

Tuesday: Busy at Maths page 138 number 3-7.

Wednesday: Figure it Out page 36 number 1 and 2. (See pages attached below)

Thursday: Figure it Out page 36 number 3-5.

Revise skip counting in 10’s

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.

-9 tables for the week.

Science: Transport is our theme for this week. Here is a nice experiment where you can build your own parachute and learn about air resistance. With parachutes, it’s the slowing-down effect that is wanted. If you fall from a plane without a parachute, your body would fall through the air like a stone. Open your parachute and you create more air resistance, falling to the ground slowly and safely.
Take a look at the video in the link below for instructions on how to build your parachute.

SPHE: Topic – Feeling Safe and Unsafe

Children learn that their feelings inform them about their experiences. They learn how to recognise safe and unsafe feelings so that they can respond in a way that promotes their safety and protection. This includes learning safety rules and practicing strategies to use when feeling unsafe.

Look at and discuss the worksheet Making Choices with your son.


Boys, in your preparation for your First Holy Communion it is very important you know that you will be receiving Jesus in the Bread of Life which is also called the Eucharist for the first time. Watch the video of The Last Supper below. In this video your will see how Jesus changed the bread and wine in to his body and blood. When you make your First Holy Communion you remember The Last Supper and you receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

Also revise the second verse of the Prayer Before Communion

Lord Jesus, friend of children, come to me.

Lord Jesus, you are my Lord and my God.

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


In the link below, the boys can see a video where Coach Clare brings the P.E lesson to the boys at home. All members of the family can join in for these fun and exciting activities.  

P.E @Home with Coach Clare. Week 1.


I think it would be nice for the boys to pick 1 thing each week that they are thankful for or 1 thing that has made them feel happy. It would be lovely if they they would like to share this on Microsoft Teams.


Transport Art Activities