1st Class, Mrs. O’Donoghue: 5th to 8th May

I hope you all have enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and are keeping well. I am missing the class so much, but am greatly enjoying hearing how you are all getting on. Below is the suggested work for the 1st Class boys for this coming week. If you have any queries or require any further resources in any area, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at eodonoghue@togherboys.com or on Microsoft Teams.

Kind regards,

E. O’Donoghue

English Reading

‘A Forest Adventure’

Tues: pg. 28; Weds: pg. 29; Thurs: pg. 30; Fri: pg. 31


Spellbound Unit 28 – Learn five spellings per day (Tues to Thurs) – grouped on ‘Spellings Learning Template’ sheet.

Tues: Complete written activities in Spellbound, pg. 58 & 59

Tricky Words: made, their, once

English Skills Book

Weds: pg. 89; Thurs: pg.90; Fri: 107

Additional English Skills Practice

Daily revision activities across English grammar and phonics


Tues: pg. 68. Listen to audio file and try to repeat the sentences on the page aloud.

Bua na Cainte pg. 68

Weds: pg. 69. Listen to audio file and fill in the blanks. Try to repeat the sentences aloud.

Bua na Cainte pg. 69

Thurs: pg. 70. Listen to the audio file and fill in the blanks. Try to repeat the sentences aloud.

Bua na Cainte pg. 70

Fri: Watch video of ‘Heigh Didil Didil’, which is the nursery rhyme ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ in Irish. On the last page of the Bua na Cainte PDF above, I have included a literal translation of the Irish version, and also the original English rhyme.

Heigh Didil Didil


Busy at Maths pg. 143 to 146 (one page a day for four days)

Here we move on to addition with regrouping, which can be a tricky concept for students to grasp. It can help to use lego blocks to demonstate this as the student is doing the first few examples, in a similar manner to how it is demonstrated in the video below.

The attached video helps to explain the reasoning behind regrouping. However, this is an American video, so they use the term ‘ones’ instead of ‘units’. Also, when they carry over the tens, they write the number that they have carried up high. I would like to teach the kids to carry the tens down low, as is done in the Busy at Maths book.

Addition with regrouping

Mental Maths: One column per day. Answers included on last page.

Tables: Minus 11


As May is the first month of summer, this lesson is about the season of summer. What can your son tell you about summer? What is the weather like? What type of clothes do we wear? What things usually happen in summer? Then watch the slideshow video below. Finally, complete the attached worksheet.

Summer Slideshow Video

Stay Safe

This week we will revise the Safety Passport. It is so important that the children know their address and can write it down. Now might be a good time to ensure they know how to do this. This lesson also asks you both to think of five responsible adults that your son could tell if they felt unsafe or unhappy about something.


Pentecost Sunday is on the 31st of May this year. It celebrates the day that the Holy Spirit came down on Jesus’ friends and filled them with joy and courage. Watch the video about this event and complete the attached worksheet from Grow in Love, if you so wish.

Pentecost Video