1st Class, Mrs. O’Donoghue: 18th to 22nd May

It has been great talking to so many of you throughout the week and hearing all the great work you are doing! Don’t forget that if you have any questions or queries, you can contact me at any time by email at eodonoghue@togherboys.com or via the forum or chat on Microsoft Teams. If you would like a call on the phone to discuss anything, just send a message and I will call you back without delay.

This week’s SESE is about comparing and contrasting beach holidays in olden days and beach holidays now. This year, it doesn’t look like we will be able to get overseas on our summer holidays, but hopefully we will be able to make it to the beaches on some fine summer days!

Hope you have a good week and talk to you soon!

E. O’Donoghue

English Reading

‘The Fun Park’

Mon & Tues: Read the whole story with your child, so they may be familiar with the story to complete this week’s activities in Skills Book

Weds-Fri: pg. 39-41 (one page per day)


Spellbound Unit 30 – Learn one box per day

Mon: Complete written activities in Spellbound, pg. 62 & 63

Tricky Words: of, eight, love

English Skills Book

Tues: pg. 93; Weds: pg. 94; Thurs: pg. 109

Additional English Skills Practice

Daily revision activities across English grammar and phonics


Mon: pg. 74. Listen to audio file and complete activity on the page.

Bua na Cainte pg. 74

Tues: Watch ‘Codladh Sámh’ (Tranquil Sleep) story in the video below. A sentence-by-sentence translation is in the PDF file below, but the purpose of this story is just for the students to listen to a story in Irish and enjoy it. Perhaps you could help them translate some of the lines in the story and when they listen to the video for a second time, they might recognise some of the sentences which you have translated with them.

Codladh Sámh – Scéal (Story)

Weds: pg. 75. Listen to the audio file and try to read the words on the page. Colour the picture by numbers.

Bua na Cainte pg. 75

Thurs: pg. 76. Listen to the audio file. Try to repeat the sentences aloud.

Bua na Cainte pg. 76


Busy at Maths pg. 151 to 154 (one page a day for four days)

This week, we continue with the topic of money. Again, if the students can use real money here to help with their calculations it can really help their learning.

Mental Maths: One column per day. Answers included on last page.

Tables: Minus 9 to Minus 12 (Revision)

I have included a video below of addition with regrouping, which we have been practicing the past few weeks. If anyone would like some additional practice after watching the video, I have attached a worksheet below which could be used for this purpose.

Addition with Tens and Units Tutorial


This week, we are looking at beach holidays in the past vs beach holidays of present day. Watch the video slideshow below. Discuss what things are still the same as in olden days? What things about beach holidays have changed? Why do you think these things have changed? Can the students think of what beach holidays might be like in another 50 years?! Complete the worksheet below.

Beach Holidays – Then and Now

Stay Safe

This week we think about things we ‘will do’ and ‘will not do’ at school in order to prevent bullying. The worksheet linked to this activity is attached below.


This week, we look at the bible story of how the world was created. There are two videos below – part 1 and part 2. The relevant pages from the Grow in Love workbook are uploaded here too.

Creation Story Part 1
Creation Story Part 2