4th Class Mr Collins Monday May 18th-May 22nd

Hi guys, brilliant work from you all again last week. The quiz on Friday was a particular highlight!

As you will have seen, I have continued to put up video and audio files on to Microsoft Teams. This will continue this week and over the coming period. This will include videos to assist the weeks work, different activities, as well as a class novel.

You can communicate with me through Microsoft Teams if you have any queries or requests and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Pupils can return work to me on this for feedback and encouragement. Essentially Microsoft Teams will facilitate communication and its main benefit is as a portfolio of student’s work .I will get back to everyone as quickly as possible .

If anyone is having problems logging in to Microsoft Teams, email distancelearning@togherboys.com for assistance

Tabhair aire .

Le dea-ghuí, Liam

Every day I would recommend continuing on with one test from BrainTeasers. Continue with one each day in sequential order.

For spelling and litriú, move on to the next unit this week. For English spellings, I would advise taking 4 words a day for 4 days; 16 words in total. For litriú, take 3 words a day for 4 days; 12 words in total.

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Maths: – Every day practice multiplication and division tables. These can be done in a fun and enjoyable manner through challenges and games. Recite tables within a certain time frame, get 10/15/20 tables correct in a row etc, etc. The maths games Fizz Buzz and Buno are especially popular in the class.


For the coming week, we will revise decimals. Decimals are another way of writing tenths or hundreds.

1/10= 0.1


There will be extra videos and pictures added to Teams throughout the week for added assistance.


Tenths and hundredths: Convert decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals.

Tuesday: Tenths and Hundredths:

More work on tenths and hundredths. Remember what you did yesterday and use the material on Teams to help you if you’re stuck


Thursday: Complete Questions 1,3,4 and the challenge

Friday: We will finish the week with some puzzles and challenges


Keep going with the litriú! 3 words a day x 3


We will look at a story this week; Litir ó Aintín Órla- A letter from Aunt Orla. Look at the video of me reading on Microsoft Teams before you start. The piece is about Neasa’s birthday. Here are some important terms.

lá breithe- birthday

clúdach litreach-envelope

ag bailiú-collecting

ag lorg- looking for


ar cuairt- on a visit

dlúthdhiosca- CD

Seinnteoir ceoil- CD player

Scríobh; Try these written activities. There will be videos to help on Teams!

B. Freagair na Ceisteanna: Answer the questions based on the story. Finde the sentences in the story!

C. In aice leis- next to

Have a go at activity C. Complete the sentences. Use the video on Teams to help.

D. Líon na bearnaí. Put the right people in to each sentence!


Read a book for 20 minutes every day.

Continue spending 10 minutes every couple of days writing a diary about your day and what is going on around you. There have been a lot of changes in the past week This is your chance to write about what you are experiencing and how you are feeling. Use your new words in your writing and concentrate on beautiful handwriting, punctuation and spelling. Look over your work at least twice and fix any mistakes you spot!

My Read at Home. Continue on with My Read at Home do a page a day and answer the questions in your copy.

Novel: This week we will continue the novel Toro Toro. Listen and enjoy the story and answer any questions that I may ask as I read each day. You can listen to the story every day on Microsoft Teams.

A Limerick is a poem with 5 lines. Go through the PowerPoint and then try to compose your own Limerick. Send them to me and I will post some of them throughout the week!

On Friday, now that the novel has come to an end, fill out this book review for Toro Toro either on a printed version of the page or in your copy.

History: Finish the Easter Rising Activity pack this week. There will be a new pack next week.

Geography: The Solar System


Science: Here is a link to some science activities. Go down to 3rd and 4th class and have a go at the challenges!


How to draw with Don ConroyDraw with Don YouTube channel RTE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo4dO9D4okn25M6mvfB02rQ https://youtu.be/k1YV_Y6dQUk https://youtu.be/k1YV_Y6dQUk

Quiz: On Thursday morning I will put a quiz up on Microsoft Teams for a bit of fun. You can log on, answer the questions and send them back to me to correct if you like!

P.E. There are two sports challenges for you to try on Microsoft Teams. try to improve on both challenges every day. I have already received some great videos of boys trying these challenges and I will put some of these up on Teams during the week. I will post new challenges during the week

Here is a link for RTE juniors 10 at 10. Continue to do one of these every day. This can be found at https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/

StorytellingDavid Walliamshttps://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/  

This year we have spoken a lot about Gratitude and Kindness. Every day write down 3 things you are grateful for and 3 kind things you did for others today. It is so important that you are helpful and caring to your families during this time. You have the chance to fill someone else’s bucket every single day

Here is an attachment of the Stay Safe programme and resources. This would be a good time to go over the important messages in this programme.


Most importantly, have fun with your families. Play plenty of games, practice your sports or instruments and read some books!

I have attached two websites which are recommended by the school if parents are looking for additional ideas.

  1. Khan academy (maths online, need to register for this) https://www.khanacademy.org 

2. seomra ranga (daily general knowledge quiz with a prize) https://www.seomraranga.com/