1st Class, Mrs. O’Donoghue: 15th to 26th June

As the school year draws to a close, I hope everyone is looking forward to the summer holidays that lie ahead! A well deserved break from schoolwork for the boys!

As it is the last fortnight of the year, I have uploaded some optional work here that could be completed at your own pace over the next two weeks, if you so wish. As always, if you have any questions or queries, please contact me at eodonoghue@togherboys.com or via the forum or chat functions on Microsoft Teams.

Well done once again to everyone on the fantastic work they have done in 1st class!

E. O’Donoghue

English Oral Language

There are two units of the oral language programme uploaded below. The first is on the topic ‘GAA’ (week 1) and the second on ‘The School Sports Day’ (week 2).

First, go through the relevant vocabulary on the vocabulary sheet, ensuring the boys understand the meaning of the listed words. Then watch the ‘Interactive Poster’ and see if the boys hear the new vocabulary used in the video. Ask them to tell you in their own words some of the things that are happening in the poster, incorporating some of the new vocabulary if they can.

Finally, there is one poem uploaded for each topic. Play the video of the poem and listen to it. Then pause the video and see if the boys can read the poem at their own pace. Can they pick out the rhyming words? After practice, see if they can read along at the same speed as the video.

GAA Interactive Poster
Poem – Football Dream
School Sports Day – Interactive Poster
Poem – School Sports

Additional English Skills Practice

If some students would like to continue with the additional English skills sheets, I have uploaded two weeks of these here.


The Gaeilge sheets for these two weeks are from a different text book, but I have uploaded them below.

The different tasks that can be completed are listed here:

  • Lá Spóirt: Listen to the audio file of the words on the page. Try to read the words aloud.
Lá Spóirt (Audio)
  • Scríobh agus Dathaigh: Listen to the phrases on the page being read in the audio file. Try to read the phrases aloud. Write over the words and then colour the pictures.
Scríobh agus Dathaigh (Audio)
  • Ceangail agus Scríobh: Listen to the audio file of the sentences being read aloud. Try to read the sentences aloud. Write over the sentences. Match the sentence to the correct picture on the right-hand side of the page.
Ceangail agus Scríobh (Audio)
  • Súil Siar: Listen to the words on the page being read in the audio file. Try to read the words aloud. Complete the wordsearch.
Súil Siar (Audio)
  • Táimse Féin ag Iascaireacht (Amhrán): Watch the video of the song. File with words and translation uploaded below. Try to sing along if you can!
Táimse Féin ag Iascaireacht (Amhrán) / I’m Fishing (Song)


Mental Maths: Two weeks uploaded below


The first file is revision of -9 to -12

The second file contains 55 mixed addition tables, and 55 mixed subtraction tables so that the students may test themselves. There is space at the bottom of the page to practice writing out any tables they get incorrect.


To complete the first sheet, the students must answer the questions from the perspective of their favourite animal. They may need to research some of these answers for more unusual animals!

On the second sheet, the students must group the listed animals by the descriptions given.