Ms. O’Sullivan, Second Class, June 15th-26th.

Dear Parents

I hope you are all well. We have reached the end of second class and again I wish to thank you for your support and cooperation during our year together. It was a pleasure getting to know you all. This is the final plan of work for the boys. The month of June is usually a time for project work so I have done a project on Italy that the boys can work from. Most of the activities are experiments and art work so I hope the boys enjoy it. I know we are all slowing down as the summer holidays are in sight so there is no pressure to do everything. In the video below, I have left a ‘goodbye end of year message’ for the boys.

Thanking You,

Ms. O’Sullivan.


Fill in the first 2 parts of the KWL chart before you begin learning about Italy.

K – What do you know about Italy already?

W – What do you want to know about Italy.

L – What have I learned about Italy. (Fill this in once you have completed the work below)

An Introduction to Italy.

Italy looks like a high-heeled boot jutting into the Mediterranean Sea. The boot seems to be kicking a weirdly shaped ball: the island of Sicily. The national flag of Italy consists of a tricolour of green, white and red.

Comprehension: My Read at Home Book page 120 – Read the page and answer questions 1-5.

History of Rome.

Rome is Italy’s capital city and was founded in April 753 BC. That makes the city more than 2,500 years old!

Rome was also the capital of the Roman Empire, which was – about 2,000 years ago – the most powerful and rich empire in the world. The city was full of people who came to worship at the city’s famous temples, to shop in it’s busy streets and to live in its apartment buildings. Many people in Rome still do the same things today.

The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum has stood for almost 2,000 years and was one of the greatest buildings of the powerful Roman Empire. The rulers of Rome and emperors used the Colosseum to hold public shows.

It only took 9 years to build the Colosseum. It is best known as being the place where gladiator battles took place. Gladiators were slaves and there were more than 20 different types of gladiators, each with different weapons and armour. Wild animals like lions, tigers, elephants, bears and rhinos were also used in gladiatorial matches. Mock sea battles were also held there. The arena floor was usually covered in sand but water could be added for the sea battles.

Gladiator Craft Ideas

For these crafts you will need cardboard, tinfoil or duct tape, paint or markers. You can design your own shield, be inventive with your design! Have fun pretending to be a gladiator!

Italian Food Facts

Most Italians eat pasta at least once a day. There are so many ways to eat pasta, with a variety of different toppings and sauces. Pizza was invented in Naples in Italy. Many will agree that pizza is not only Italy’s national food but it is also very popular all over the world. Italian people also love ice-cream. In Italian Gelato means frozen and this typical Italian ice-cream comes in all colours and flavours and is usually served as balls in a wafer cone or cup. Chocolate flavour is probably the most popular gelato of all. Here are 2 recipes you could try out at home.

Tortilla Pizza Margarita


25g Cheddar Cheese

1 Slice Ham

1 Onion (Chopped)

1 Handful Sweetcorn 326g

2 tbsp Tomato Passata

1 Tortilla Wrap.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees

  1. Put the wrap on a baking sheet and spread the passata over the wrap using the back of a spoon.
  2. Sprinkle the cheese on the wrap.
  3. You can add any topping you like. Ham, sweetcorn and pineapple are a lovely combination as are chicken and peppers.
  4. Place the wrap in the oven and bake for up to 10 minutes until the cheese is melted. Be careful not to burn the wrap.
  5. Remove, slice and serve.

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Ice-Cream.


480ml Whipping Cream

400g Sweetened Condensed Milk

60g Cocoa Powder

Italian Cars

Italy is famous all over the world for its’ cars, fast gorgeous, head-turning cars … more specifically red ones. It is now one of the top 5 car manufacturers in the world. Look at the top 5 best made cars in Italy in the video below.

Build a Balloon Powered Lego Car.

Look at the video below for instructions.


Pompeii was a Roman city. On 24th August, 79 AD, a volcano called Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the city and it’s people. The town was completely buried in just a few hours. Hundreds of years later, archaeologists began to dig up the ruins, which had been saved by the thick ash covering them. The archaeologists found many buildings intact, filled with Roman objects, artwork, and even food.

Pompeii Before and After the Volcano.

All About Volcanoes

How to Build Your Own Volcano.

Materials Needed:

Baking Soda



Pile sand around the jar before you begin the experiment for a better effect.

How to Draw a Volcano.


Andrea Bocelli is an Italian tenor. A tenor is a male singer with a high voice. Bocelli was blinded by a football accident at the age of 12, and later went to law school, before beginning his career as a singer. Since 1994, he has recorded both pop and classical albums and has sold over 85 million copies worldwide. He is generally considered as both the most popular Italian and Classical singer in the world today. In the link below, you will hear him sing ‘Perfect Symphony’ with Ed Sheeran.

Sport: Soccer or football, as it is known in Italy, is the official National sport of Italy.

Top 5 Moments in Italian Football.

Soccer Skills Tutorial 

Art Ideas on all things Italian

Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance, which was a time of great cultural achievements in poetry, painting and architecture. Leonardo da Vinci was a famous artist of that time.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

This portrait painting was created by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century. A portrait is a painting, drawing or photo of a person’s face. Nobody knows exactly who the lady in this painting is and this has puzzled people for many years. Some historians believe she may have been Lisa Giocondo, who was the wife of a rich Italian merchant. It is considered the most famous painting in the world.

Learn how to draw a boy and a girl in the video below.

Self Portrait

Using a mirror draw a picture of yourself.


Find a photograph of yourself and place a blank sheet of paper over half of the picture. Draw the other half of yourself. Take a look at the example below.

Pasta Crafts