Autumn scenes in juNior infants

Mr O’Halloran’s class has been very busy learning all about Autumn. Take a look below to see what they’ve been getting up to.

We went on a Nature walk around our school, looking for signs of Autumn.

In art class, we made Autumn trees out of leaves we found on our nature walk.

We learned all about the life cycle of Oak Trees. We learnt that an Oak Tree starts its life as a small acorn. We were amazed that a tall, mighty Oak Tree starts it’s life out so small. We each coloured in a leaf to add to our ‘Mighty Oak Tree’ in our classroom. We also kept ourselves busy making Oak Trees out of PlayDough – great for our fine motor skills!

In art class, we made trees using our arms. We then made autumn leaves using our fingers.

And last but certainly not least, we made an Autumn Sensory Soup. We gathered leaves from the school grounds, added some water and then added Mr O’Halloran’s secret Autumn sauce, which can turn anything into the Autumn colours of red, yellow, orange and brown. They turned out amazing and we had so much fun making the soup together 🙂