September SnapshOt

We were so pleased to welcome our new group of Junior Infants this September. We welcomed 21 new boys to Mr O’Halloran’s Junior Infant class. We have been extremely busy getting to know one another and making lifelong friends 🙂

Have a look at some of the activities we got up to during our first month of school.

We learnt our very first nursery rhyme ‘ Ba ba black sheep’. We decided to dip white cotton wool into black paint to make it look like the black sheep’s wool. We then used our clothes pegs to make name mosaics out of our ‘black wool’. This activity was so much fun and it was also great for our fine motor skills 🙂

We wasted no time in beginning to learn our letter sounds. We learnt all about the letters ‘S’ and ‘A’. We had so much fun making our letters out of PlayDough and learning about objects that start with the letters S and A.

We learned a lot about Red Squirrels. We watched a video of them hopping from tree to tree. We learned that red squirrels have a white belly and a big bushy tail.