September in Junior & Senior Infants

The Junior Infants have settled in really well. They have been very busy getting to know each other and all their new friends in Senior Infants.

Have a look at some of the things the boys got up to at school during September.

The boys completed name mosaics. This required lots of concentration and fine-motor skills.

We have been practising making puzzles. Look how proud they are after working together to complete their puzzles. Practise makes perfect! 🙂

We read the “Rainbow Fish” in class. We learned that when the Rainbow Fish shares his scales, not only does he bring a smile to others, but he feels happy as well. We all agreed that sharing makes us feel happy too!

The boys then decorated their own Rainbow Fish.

They were busy practising their sorting skills. They sorted the animals according to their colour.

They enjoyed finger-painting their “Handprint Autumn Trees”.

The boys had fun dicussing and drawing things that make them happy! 🙂 🙂