Soluble or insoluble?

In Mrs Healy’s 3rd class for science week we did an experiment testing some food items to see if they were soluble or insoluble in warm water. To start we first looked up soluble and insoluble in our dictionaries. We discovered that soluble means ‘ to dissolve in water’ and that insoluble means to ‘ to not dissolve in water’. For the experiment we worked in pairs.Firstly we estimated our results.Each pair then tested a food item. We put rice, salt, pepper, oats, olive oil, icing sugar, coffee and coconut oil into warm water. We discovered that salt, icing sugar and coffee were soluble in warm water. We discovered that rice,oats, pepper, olive oil and coconut oil were insoluble in water. We discussed the changes that occured in the food item and then we wrote up our experiment.