Ms O’Connor’s First Class – Science Week

Magic Balloon Experiment 😁

Did you know that you can blow up a balloon without using your own breath?

We had lots of fun in our class this week with our ‘MAGIC BALLOON EXPERIMENT’….except this isn’t magic; It’s SCIENCE!!!

What we used:

*. Vinegar

* Baking Soda

*. Empty water bottle

*. Balloons

*. Measuring spoons

*. Funnel


1. First we put half a cup of vinegar into the bottle

2. Next,we put the funnel into the mouth of the ballon. Then, we put two tablespoons of baking soda into the balloon

3. Next, we secured the mouth of the balloon to the opening of the bottle.

Finally, we held the balloon upright so that the baking soda inside drops into the vinegar in the bottle.


We discovered that when vinegar and baking soda are mixed together, it creates a gas called Carbon Dioxide. The gas begins to expand inside the bottle and starts to inflate the balloon!!

Thank you to Cian Hennessy from Ms Barrett’s class and Judy

A big thank you to Cian Hennessy and his assistant Judy for demonstrating a STORM IN A GLASS experiment, in our classroom.

Cian used shaving cream, a glass, water and food colouring to show us the science behind RAINFALL AND STORMS.

Well done Cian👍

We’ve had lots of fun and we learned so much during Science Week. We look forward to doing lots more fun experiments during the rest of the year