Science Week in Ms. Hurley’s Class

The boys in Junior and Senior Infants had lots of fun carrying out various experiments this week, as part of Science Week!

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

>>>We put some raisins into a glass of water to see what would happen…they sank to the bottom and didn’t move again.
>>>Next we put some raisins into a glass of fizzy drink and waited….the raisins started to dance! They moved up and down in the fizzy drink.
Why did this happen? Raisins are heavier than the drink so they sank to the bottom. At the bottom of the fizzy drink they collected bubbles of carbon dioxide and then were lighter than the drink so they rose to the surface.
When they reached the surface the gas bubbles burst and the raisins sank. Then they collected more gas bubbles and rose again.

Leak-Proof Bag Experiment

>>>We carried out an experiment, where we filled a plastic bag with water and then pierced it with sharp pencils. It didn’t pop or leak!!!!

The Science Behind the Leak-Proof Bag

Why doesn’t the water leak out of the bag? It’s because plastic bags are made of polymers, or long chains of molecules. The pencil squeezes between two chains, increasing the gap between them at the point, but it doesn’t break the chains.

Ooey Gooey Slime Experiment

We had lots of fun making Slime. We made it using PVA glue, baking powder, paint and saline solution. We mixed it all together.

We had a wonderful sticky time! 🙂