Choosing our future science week 2020: junior infants

The core theme for Science Week 2020 is ‘Choosing our Future’, focusing on how science can improve our lives in the future and in the present. Mr O’Halloran’s Junior Infants decided to investigate how science can make a positive influence on our health and wellbeing in school. We decided to make our own designs for a ‘new school garden’ with the ultimate aim of making school life more fun and healthy.

First we brainstormed what our bodies need in order to stay healthy.

With this in mind, we discussed what we could include in our new school garden designs in order to keep our bodies healthy.

We then decided to explore our current school garden to see what it has to offer. We were amazed to find so many fairy doors, statues of dragons and yard games painted on the ground. We all agreed that these made our garden a fun place to be 🙂 We decided we would like to include these in our new school garden.

After exploring our garden, we came back to our classroom and discussed what we saw, what we liked about our current school garden and what we would like to improve about our garden. We then let our imaginations run wild and discussed what we would like to add in our new school garden designs. Our teacher told us we can include ANYTHING we wanted to, fairto say some of us took full advantage of this. Take a look at what we came up with.

Finally, it was time to build our new school gardens out of a wide variety of materials, such as Lego, sticky bricks, Jenga blocks, plastic cubes, and play dough. Hopefully, one day our plans will be approved and our new school garden will be so much fun 🙂