Budding authors in sixth class.

In sixth class we were learning about the War of Independence and we were particularly intrigued by our local heroes who fought at that time.

We found the stories of Joe Murphy and John Joe Hegarty very interesting and we wished to share their stories with the younger boys in our school .

As part of this we worked together in pods and wrote the stories of Joe and John Joe.We had scribes and illustrators in each group and we had great fun drafting and editing our stories.We endeavoured to pitch our stories at an appropriate level so that our Senior Infants could understand the events in Togher 100 years ago.

We gathered in the hall and told our stories to the infants.Every group got a chance to tell their story and the younger boys were enthralled.They enjoyed all our stories and loved looking at the lovely illustrations the sixth class had done.

It was a wonderful event and the boys of sixth class are delighted to have had the opportunity to educate the younger boys about some of our heroes.