Term 1 in 5th Class

Our boys have been working incredibly well since we returned to school at the end of August. The boys deserve a lot of credit for how they adapted to being back and we’re very proud of their efforts. Well done all. Here are some of the things we have been up to.

In October, Halloween arrived and we wanted to celebrate it by combining our printed artwork with our English acrostic poetry. Some are shown below. They were all very clever pieces of work.

In our class we’re proud, not only of our own achievements, but of the achievements of family members and relatives. The boys have regularly brought in items, which have historical or sentimental value to them or to their families. We have learned some very interesting facts about history as a result of this. Here are just a few pictures of the items.

Some boys were awarded certificates for perfect attendance. Well done to these boys.

The boys showed great scientific skills this term and will have the opportunity to develop these next term.

We had a research task during the term and the boys completed it very impressively. Here are some samples of them, made even better with tremendous handwriting skills.

Finally, the boys worked on Winter Art Project. We made clay figures. We covered them in papier-mâché and we used fabric and fibre to finish them off.

Here is how they finished.

Happy Christmas to all of our friends at L’arche, the Community Centre the Youth Centre and throughout Togher. Wishing everyone a very happy new year for 2021.