Home Activities Junior Infants 11th January

Dear Parents/Guardians,

  • Please ensure all written work is completed in the required textbook or copybook provided.
  • The copybook will act as a journal to document work completed during remote learning.
  • Where possible, you can upload images/videos of literacy/numeracy work completed on MS Teams.
  • Exercise:

-PE with Joe can be accessed on YouTube and there are Live Classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

-Cosmic Kids Yoga is also available to access on YouTube.

  • We have attached a list of educational resources, which you may find useful.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to help.

Thank you,

Ms. Hurley & Mr O’Halloran 😊

Monday 11th January



  • Rhyme: Polar Bear, Polar Bear ( See video)
  • Jolly Phonics: Recap on the letter ‘o’ – Listen to story & song recording (below)
  • Brainstorm things that begin with the letter ‘o’ sound
  • Practise writing the letter ‘o’ in your copybook. (1 page)
  • Just Phonics (Big Book) page 26 (See Video below)
  • Reading: Word List 2 (1-8)- (See Video below) (When you are finished reading, practise writing the words.)

**It is so important that you continue to revise the sounds and to practise reading the words on the wordlist every day.**


  • Revise the days of the week- Can you try saying them backwards?
  • Practise writing the number 3 in your copy. (1 page) See video below

Busy at Maths (big book) page 54- See video below


Topic An Aimsir- The Weather

See Videos below


  • Complete page 1 in the Fine Motor Workbook
  • Complete page 1 from the Maths booklet (Match and Colour)

Exercise: PE with Joe (YouTube)

Rhyme: Polar Bear, Polar Bear

Jolly Phonics letter ‘o’ song

Jolly Phonics letter ‘o’ story

Writing the letter ‘o’

Just phonics pg.26

Reading sheet words 1-8

Maths: Writing the number 3

Busy at Maths: pg.54

Irish: An Aimsir ( The Weather) Video 1

Irish: An Aimsir (The Weather) Video 2

Useful educational resources