5th Class Mr Murphy

Since arriving back at school in March, we have been working incredibly hard in 5th class. Here are just some of the activities we have been doing.

Our next art project was about celebrating the work of established artists. Our task was to take one aspect of the artist’s work that inspired us. We then created our own completely different interpretation of the painting based on that one aspect. The boys all worked tremendously throughout this project.

The Potato Eaters. One boy’s unique perspective. The potato became the focus of the piece of art rather than the people.
Several boys chose Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ as the subject of their own personal pieces of art. One was inspired by his use of colour, another was inspired by use of swirling strokes and two people concentrated more on the details of the city below.
This young artist chose to focus on the unusual pink colour used on the beach and bring it into a scene of his own creation.

All of our artwork is proudly displayed in our classroom at the moment.

Our next task was to write a shape poem. The boys were asked to compose a poem by using the various poetry styles that we have been discussing in class. (Limerick, acrostic, cinquain etc). They would think carefully about the subject of the poem as they would be writing the lines of the poem in the actual shape of the subject. This boy chose to write his poem about a mouse.
This boy chose COVID 19 as his subject.
This one was about a house. The student chose a simple subject but produced a very clever poem and drawing to describe it.

We have also been working on science a lot, as part of the STEAM project. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). Lately, we have been learning about the human body and in particular, Respiration.

We will be learning about the other biological systems as the year moves on.

Our experiment was an investigation of inhalation (breathing in) and exhalation (breathing out). The boys learned many new terms (trachea, nasal passage, bronchi, bronchioli, alveoli, diaphragm).

These are the materials we used to make models of the lungs. The straws were taped together and represented the trachea. Two balloons were taped to the ends of the straws and represented the lungs. The boys blew into the straws to inflate them (it represented inhalation) and air was allowed to escape from the balloons (it represented exhalation). The boys described the experiment fully in their Science copies.
We are looking forward to our next Science topic already!!!