5th Class Walk to St.Finbarre’s Cathedral

Yesterday the 12th of May we went on a trip to Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral. It was a good day. Both 5thclasses went together. It was a 20 minutewalk to get there from school. Barry our guide was waiting for us when we arrived. He told us lots of interesting facts about theCathedral. Such as Fionn Barr means fair headed in Irish. This Cathedral dates back to the 7th century.In 1536 during the Protestant Reformation cathedral became known as the Established church.William Burges designed the cathedral, including the stained-glass windows and 1260 pieces of sculpture.

I really enjoyed the tour and I learned lots of interestinginformation. Before we went back to school the tour guide gave us pen and paper to sketch the spires on the roof of the cathedral,we had our lunch on the grass before we went back to school. It was great to get a couple of hours away from school.

By Cian Hennessy