Learning about the Olympics in 4th Class

By Angelo Dalapo

This week we were learning about the Olympics Games. Firstly we brainstormed about everything we already knew. After that we watched videos about Jesse Owens,Michael Phelps, Katie Taylor and Usain Bolt. They were very interesting. Jesse Owens was a runner, but what’s interesting about him is he won medals in front of Hitler. Hitler wanted German people to win the medals, but Jesse ran so fast the Germans did not stand a chance. Since Jesse was a black man when he won Hitler stormed off. Next we have Michael Phelps. Michael Phelpsis an American swimmer. He won 28 medals in swimming. Then we watched one about Katie Taylor. Katie qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics . She fought against Sofya Ochigava. She beat her 10-8. She was the fist ever Olympic female lightweight champion! The next one we watched was Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt is one of the fastest sprinters in the world. He won 9 Olympic gold medals! The next day we used our History Quest to learn more about it. We read a story in it, about the origins of the a Marathon. The story goes, a man named Pheidippides ran 42 km to Athens, to tell them they had won the war. Afterwards, he dropped dead from exhaustion.

A few days later, our teacher gave us Olympic host cities as projects. We have been doing them in pairs for the past few days. My host city is Seoul which hosted the 1988 Olympic Games. It is very fun. I can’t wait to see other groups. Then we learned about the 10,000m running. We watched Mo Farah running. His pace was slow but it was fast and steady enough to win. Last week we started doing the 10,000m run ourselves , but we’re doing it in sections, day by day. After that we started reading comprehensions about Irish medalists Katie Taylor and Paul and Gary O’Donovan. They were very interesting. THE END