10,000 metre runners in 4th Class

Following on from all of our work on the Olympic Games, Mr Collins’ class decided to combine maths and P.E. with their latest Olympic challenge. After learning about the various Olympic track events, the lads were especially impressed with the stamina and determination required for the 10,000 metres. We decided to give it a try and to see how long it would take.

The first step was to measure a track. Using a trundle wheel, we created a track with a length of 67 metres and a width of 19 metres. This gave us a perimeter of 172 metres. Using multiplication, the boys were able to calculate the lengths of each amount of laps. They then used subtraction to track their progress as they steadily reached their 10km goal.

After 9 days, the challenge was completed . The boys had made incredible improvements in their fitness and attitude to exercise. Here are a few action shots of the lads in action.

Like any true Olympians, the class needed to be rewarded for their efforts. As we know, an Olympic champion is presented with a gold medal. We decided to make our own in the classroom to mark our achievement.

Here are the finished products.