May/June Activities in 3rd Class (Miss Mangan)

It’s been a busy term here in 3rd Class. I’m so proud of the work the boys have been doing. Here are some of the different activities that the boys have covered this term.

3D Structures:

In Maths his term, we have been learning all about 3D shapes. What better way to learn these shapes than by making them ourselves. I can definitely say that we have some architects and engineers in the making. As an extension activity, we also made some free standing structures.

Project Work:

Back in May, I asked the boys to choose a topic of their choice for a project. I gave the boys a month to complete their projects. We discussed the importance of being able to present their projects to their classmates. The boys worked really hard on their presentation skills this month, prior to the project deadline. To say that I am proud of the boys is an understatement. I was blown away by what they produced. We had everything from Power Points about nuclear plants, Chernobyl and penguins to cars, exploding volcano models, famous football players, Mexican gods, the list was endless. Over two days, each boy presented their project and gave us an insight into their chosen topic. What amazing work you did boys. Your teacher could not be prouder of you. Well done.

Mc Donald’s Treat:

There was great excitement in the class last week when the boys ordered Mc Donald’s. It was a well deserved treat after all their hard work this year.

Buachaill na Seachtaine:

Well done to these boys for their hard work and dedication.

Pharell Williams Mosaic Art:

As part of a music lesson, we studied the musician and pop artist Pharell Williams. We composed a dance sequence to his song ‘Happy’. As an art activity, we decided to make a mosaic of the artist. Each boy had a separate piece to colour. Once finished, we put all the pieces together.

We have many more activities to look forward to before the end of the term; school walk, a sports afternoon and an ice cream day. It has been such a pleasure teaching the boys this year. I wish them the very best going forward.