Sixth class visit Mitchelstown Cave.

Sixth class had a great day out today. We set out bright and early for Mitchelstown Cave. It was a beautiful,crisp morning and we enjoyed the fresh air of the beautiful countryside.The Galtee Mountains looked splendid in the distance .We met our guide John at the cave entrance where we descended 200 ft. underground.

The caves were amazing and we noted all the features which we had covered in Geography class. The crystals of calcite were clearly visible on the stalactites,stalagmites and the pillars.They were glistening and the guide told us we saw them at their very best as it has rained very little in the past month.Unfortunately rainwater dulls the crystals.

We noted the fossil at the entrance and our guide was most impressed at our knowledge.Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed from the bones and shells of sea creatures,we were so excited to see the coral fossil which confirmed this for us.

Finally,we visited Mahon Point where we enjoyed lunch and a little shopping.

We had a memorable day out and we are looking forward to our next trip.