An Artic January in Suaimhneas!

In Suaimhneas this month we have been learning all about Artic animals and Inuit People who live in Artic areas.

In Art we made Artic animal silhouettes using cool colours of crepe paper. In English we read about the Inuit people and learned lots of new information. They are some of the healthiest people though they don’t eat vegetables! For Science we were presented with a little challenge. We received a postcard from Inuk ‘Jan’ who wondered if we could find the most suitable material for a warm winter coat. Using thermometers we worked as scientists. Each boy investigated a material by wrapping it around a glass of water and measuring the temperature of the water before and after 15 minutes. We discovered that tinfoil was an excellent insulator, as the water only dropped by 3 degrees over the 15 minutes, but this was closely followed by wool and fur. We recorded the findings of our experiment in our copies also. Enjoy a look at all our hard work!