Sixth class designing and making.

During our science lesson this week, we were learning about boats.We now know a lot of marine vocabulary and we undertook projects to design our own boats.

Noah made a model of the boat that housed Radio Caroline in the 1980s.This radio station broadcast all over Europe,it was a pirate radio station as it did not have a licence.There were no radio stations in the UK playing pop music all day and Noah’s dad worked for Radio Caroline.

Oscar designed a coracle which was used about two thousand years ago. It was made of wood and animal skin. Coracles are still used in South East Asia. People can do many stunts with coracles because of their shape!

Roshan designed a cargo ship and shared much information with the class. The word cargo comes from the Spanish word meaning a load. He also taught us that piracy is still in existence.

Kian designed a trawler,a fishing vessel. These boats are seen in all our fishing ports around the country. Kian’s trawler is called ‘Togher Voyage’.

Cian designed a steamboat which would have run on coal.

Oskar designed a hovercraft,these boats can travel on land and on sea. These boats were used to ferry athletes around during the Sydney Olympics.

Maks and Kornel were very interested in piracy and designed a pirate ship.Piracy is still quite common in the Malaca Straits,a narrow channel between Indonesia and Singapore/Malaysia and cargo ships are commonly targeted.

Cian designed a sail boat which may be seen flying around the Fastnet Rock next summer!

Well done to all the boys who collaborated on these projects.