Sixth class visit Graffiti Theatre.

This morning the pupils of sixth class set off for a visit to Graffiti Theatre in Blackpool. We caught the 214 bus to the City Centre where we had a stop for some refreshments in Mc Donald’s.

From there we walked to Assumption Road where the theatre is based. We observed many landmarks en route such as the Shannon Steeple, the North Cathedral and the world famous Heineken brewery. A strong aroma was wafting from there which we discovered was the scent of the hops and barley used to brew the beer.

A warm welcome awaited us on arrival at the theatre. The title of the play was ‘The Sleep That Ceased to Settle’. It was Joanie’s mum who sang bedtime songs.Now she’s gone and Joanne can’t sleep.Encouraged by her dad Marley, Joanne begins to tell a story of a village where sleep has ceased to settle. Can a young girl guide her community to the safety of Mt. Torgberg? Can songs return and Joanne and Malley find sleep?

It was surely a heart warming play by internationally renowned playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer full of heart, fun and great adventure,as a father and daughter tried to come to terms with loss, grief and a lack of sleep.

We thoroughly enjoyed the play and look forward to seeing more productions from Graffiti. At the end of the play the boys got an opportunity to ask the actors some very interesting questions.

This visit to the theatre was inspiring and a wonderful day was had by all.We are very grateful to the Graffiti Theatre Company for such an awe inspiring experience.