Beginning Fourth Class

Since arriving back at school in September, everybody has been extremely busy in 4th Class. In order to learn a little more about each other and each other’s proud family histories, the boys searched at home for items of historical/sentimental value. They presented their items to the class and filled us in on the history of the pieces. From photographs, to treasured childhood toys, to our ancestors’ belongings; we learned a great deal about how people lived and worked in the past. Here are just a few of the items we discussed in class.

Next, we turned our attention to another aspect of the SESE curriculum; planting. Firstly, we planted spring bulbs; which we’ll expect to see bloom after Christmas. The daffodils, narcissus’ and snowdrops can be added to the school garden in time for spring. We also discussed the importance of growing our own food. The boys planted cress seeds, cabbage seeds and chive seeds. We were amazed by how quickly they began to grow for us. The class is doing a terrific job watering and taking responsibility for the nurturing of the seedlings.

We are currently working on propagating these mint plants. Hopefully, the experiment will work for us.