Ms O’ Dwyer’s Junior Infants Trip to the Lough

The boys in Junior Infants were very lucky today as they got to go on a trip to the Lough and enjoy the wonderful sunshine. The Community Garda bus were very kind and dropped us to the Lough and then we went to the playground on the way back to school! Garda Dave was very kind to the boys and he complimented the boys on their lovely manners! When we got to the Lough we saw the swans, the ducks and the geese. We were lucky enough to see some cygnets and goslings too! We had learned all about them in school so it was lovely to see them at the Lough! We had a picnic at the Lough and learnt about the different types of birds, fish and trees that can be found there! We stopped at the playground on the way back to school and everyone had a great time!