5th Class S.T.E.A.M Project

Ms Curran’s 5th Class started their STEAM project this week.  STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths. We are working with Charles Piron, who is an engineer from Belgium.

In our first lesson we learned all about infrastructure.  Infrastructure means the facilities and services in a country – including houses, roads, schools, factories and shops.

Our first activity involved building a tall tower from two A4 sheets of paper. It was difficult to balance them so we ha tdo roll or fold the pages.

The second activity saw us using lollipop sticks, foldback clips, blue-tack and pipe cleaners to build a bridge. The bridge had to be at least 30cm long to support the weight of a small bottle of water.

Charles encouraged us to use the engineering design process. We knew the problem so we brainstormed possible solutions in groups. We had to think, sketch and gather materials. Next we built some prototypes and tested them. Finally we got some extra materials, like string, to try to improve our designs.

We had great fun and learned lots of information about engineering. Do you know what Triangulation means? It means the formation of, or division  into, triangles.STEAM-IMAGE-01

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