1st Class, Mrs. O'Donoghue: 23rd-27th March

I hope you all are keeping well in such unusual times! I have outlined below some work which the boys could do this week. However, please remember that this is only suggested work and as everyone’s circumstances are different, please decide for yourself how much of this work is reasonable for your own son to engage with. I will post answers to all worksheets in the coming days so the boys may check their work too. I have attached all relevant pages of the textbooks so that students may still do this work into a copybook if they do not have that particular book at home.

English Reading

Read ‘April Fools Day’ pg. 24-28 – one page per day. Read aloud multiple times to encourage fluency.

English Skills Book

  • Mon-Thurs: pg. 57-60 (one page per day). Based on full ‘April Fools Day’ story.
  • Fri: pg. 101


Spellbound Unit 24 pg. 50 & 51 – Learn one box per day. Tricky words: other; were; because; want

Along with a scanned copy of the book, I have attached my spellings ‘learning template’ to help too.


I have recorded the pronunciations of the Irish words and their meanings below to help here.

  • Mon: Listen to audio file and read the sentences on pg.55 aloud.
  • Tues: Write the sentences on pg. 56
  • Weds: Listen to audio file and read words on pg. 57 aloud. Then finish colouring the picture (started in class).
  • Thurs/Fri: Listen to audio file and read words on pg. 58 aloud. Colour picture.
Bua na Cainte pg. 55
Bua na Cainte pg. 57
Bua na Cainte pg. 58


  • Busy at Maths, pg. 125-129 (One page per day)
  • Mental Maths – One column per day (File attached below – the kids do not have this book)
  • Tables -8 (File attached of a tables workbook which you may like to use. The kids do not have this book either.)


Discuss the signs of spring. We painted Cherry Blossom Trees a few weeks ago – have the students noticed any coming into bloom outside?

Discuss the planting of seeds and how a plant needs soil, light and water to grow. Discuss how seeds are planted in soil, then sprout, become a seedling, then a small plant and then an adult plant. Perhaps you could plant some seeds at home this week!

I have attached a worksheet on this content. It is not from a book that the students have but you may like to talk through it with them.


The music program we use in school is called Dabbledoo. It is very interactive and fun. They have granted free parent access for our school to some of their resources by following this link


Hopefully the boys are getting outside in the fresh air (in between the rain showers!) but here is a like to a series of 10 minute guided exercise lessons for kids… fun for adults too though!!

RTE Jnr 10@10