1st Class, Mrs. O’Donoghue: 30th March to 3rd April

I hope you are all well this week. Hopefully this lovely sunshine will continue a while longer! It is great to hear that so many of you are engaging with some of the work that is uploaded here. All your efforts are greatly appreciated.

It has been so lovely to hear from so many students and their parents by email and phone! It is fabulous to keep up to date with all the wonderful work, crafts and activities that the boys are up to! They certainly seem to be keeping busy! Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email with any queries, stories, questions, pictures, etc. that you may have.

The suggested work for this week is as follows:

English Reading

Read April Fool’s Day – Mon pg. 29; Tues pg. 30; Weds pg. 31

Thurs: Oral questions in attached document based on pg. 24 & 25

Fri: Oral questions in attached document based on pg. 26 & 27

English Skills Book

Mon-Thurs: pg. 61-64 (one page per day)

Fri: pg. 104


Spellbound Unit 25 pg. 52 & 53 – Learn one box per day

Tricky words: saw, put, could, should


Mon: pg. 59. Listen to audio file and read words aloud. Complete sentences at bottom of the page and read them aloud.

Tues: pg. 60. Listen to same audio file as yesterday and read sentences at bottom of the page. Fill in the correct sentence under each picture.

Weds: pg. 61. Listen to the audio file and read words on the page aloud. The instructions at the bottom of the page are read and translated in the audio file also. Colour the picture accordingly.

Thurs: pg. 93. Listen to audio file and read the words aloud. Learn how to say ‘Happy Easter’. Join the dots. Encourage counting in Irish as per audio file as best they can, even to 10.

Fri: Play video of song ‘Cúig Ubh’. Lyrics and translation on the last page of the book upload file. Encourage the boys to try singing along to the song after listening to it several times.

Bua na Cainte pg. 59 & 60
Bua na Cainte pg. 61
Bua na Cainte pg. 93
Cúig Ubh (Lyrics and translation on last page of PDF file above)


  • Busy at Maths, pg. 130-134 (One page per day). Ensure ‘units’ are added together first before adding the ‘tens’.
  • Mental Maths – One column per day (The boys don’t have this book – file is attached)
  • Tables – Revision of minus 5 to minus 8 (The boys don’t have this activity book either – file is attached)


Introduce the idea of the water cycle and where rain comes from using this video animation. Discuss the day’s weather and the clouds they can see in the sky. Then complete the worksheet in the file below.

Water cycle video

Stay Safe

We have decided that it would be a good idea to revise the content that we have already covered in the Stay Safe programme with the boys during this time. This week, perhaps you could revise the first lesson which focuses on identifying various feelings and emotions. We all feel different emotions at different times. Can the students discuss a time that they may have felt the various emotions on the sheet? The worksheet which goes with this lesson is attached for revision purposes.


As we approach Easter, I have uploaded two animated videos of the story of Holy Week as far as Good Friday. I have also uploaded the related pages from the Grow in Love religion book.

Palm Sunday
Holy week

Fun Digital Activity/S.E.S.E

Perhaps some of you have seen this already but it is a fun digital activity to try!

Type an animal’s name (e.g. tiger) into Google (on an iPhone or android phone) and then press ‘View in 3D’. It brings up your camera and then a few seconds later you have a tiger in your house! You can take a photo of people with the animal and they can walk around with it! You can also find a:

Lion, cheetah, shark, hedgehog, duck, emperor penguin, wolf, angler fish, goat, rottweiler, snakes, eagle, brown bear, alligator, shetland pony, macaw, pug, turtle, cat, octopus, dog.

To tie in with S.E.S.E., perhaps you could look up some interesting facts about the animals that are suddenly appearing in your house!!