3rd Class Homework Miss Mangan 27th April – 1st May

English Spellings                                          Irish Spellings:

beach                                                               peil (football)

boat                                                                   peil uisce (water football)

bucket                                                               cispheil (basketball)

cave                                                                    haca (hockey)

spade                                                               sacar (soccer)

seaside                                                               rugbaí (rugby)

seagull                                                                rith (running)

tide                                                                      snámh (swimming)

swimsuit                                                            galf (golf)

towel                                                                   snúcar (snooker)

sunglasses                                                           leadóg (tennis)

holidays                                                               leadóg bhoird (table tennis)





Dictation Sentences:

  1. Holidays are the days when you are not in school.
  2. A seagull is a seabird with wide wings.
  3. A cave is a large hole in the side of a hill.
  4. A lighthouse can warn ships of danger ahead.
  5. I spent last summer at the seaside with my family.

Creative Writing (Letter Writing):

The residents of St. Luke’s Nursing Home are not allowed any friends of family to visit at the moment. They’d love to receive post! It would be fantastic if you could write a letter to them (template & powerpoint below) or even include a poem or a drawing. If you would like to post me your letters or your work on Microsoft Teams, I can print them out and send them to the nursing home. Imagine their faces when they receive something so nice and thoughtful. I have managed to get the list of names of the residents, so it would be so lovely if you choose someone from the list below to write to.

Ann, Anne, Bobby, Bridie, Eileen, Tim, Nancy, Marie, Mary, Angela, Bertie, Sheila, Kitty, Peter, Sheila, Chris, Frances, Lily, Margret, Helena, Betty and Maggie



Oral Language:

Speak on the Topics. For a change this week, I would like you to pick one of the topics in the box below and speak about this topic out loud, using the words and phrases to help you.

Riddles: (Who can get all the answers? Have fun!)

  • What goes up and down but does not move?
  • Where do you find an ocean with no water?
  • What gets bigger the more you take away?
  • What can you catch but never throw?
  • What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
  • What has hands but cannot clap?
  • What stays where it is when it goes off?
  • What goes up and doesn’t come back down?
  • What gets wetter as it dries?

Irish Questions (Meanings):

Cé? – Who?                     Cathain? – When?                         Cén fáth? – Why?

Cad? – What?                  Cén t-am? – What time?               Conas? – How?

Céard? – What?               Cá/Cár? – Where?                         Cé mhéad? – How much?

Links from the table above:


(Antonyms – words that have opposite meanings e.g. black – white

Synonyms – words that have similar meanings e.g. sick – ill)



       https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-third-grade-math/imp-measurement-and-data/imp-             mass/v/intuition-for-grams

Dear Parent/s,

 It was lovely to talk to most of you during the week and hear that the boys are doing so well and adapting to these very strange times. I’m sure it was tough to get back into the routine again. Once again I would like to thank you all for your continued cooperation and patience. You are doing a fantastic job with the boys and you should be very proud of yourselves. Remember that the work given is only there as a guide and if it is proving stressful in any way, please take a break from it. A lot of the activities are extra. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the work, please don’t hesitate to email me at ymangan@togherboys.com. I will be in contact with you again over the coming week.

Other useful websites/ideas:




www.topmarks.co.uk (the daily 10 mental maths is a fabulous resource)


www.twinkl.ie (free resources for a month)

RTE School Hub – Mon – Fri @ 11 (definitely worth watching)

Will Sliney -a drawing a day challenge

The Body Coach  TV workouts (youtube 9 a.m. Monday – Friday )

Go Noodle – Youtube

Extra activities:

Gratitude Journal: Daily activity – Write three things that you are grateful for today.

Your family will need all your help and support during this time so maybe you could offer to dust furniture with a damp cloth or help to load/unload the dishwasher. Every bit helps.

Daily Challenge (P. E.)

Active Home Week 27th April – 3rd May

To complete the challenge, children have to find 4 different ways of being active each day, making sure that it adds up to 60, or more, minutes of physical activity every day. Try something NEW, have FUN with a family activity and ENJOY the week. Here are a few ideas below for you to try out.


This week we will be learning about various animals in the rainforest. Look at the link below to learn more about these animals.


This week I would like you to become a zoologist who has just discovered a new animal in the rainforest. Using the sheet below;

Name your animal/ which layer of the rainforest your animal lives in/draw your animal


Use this virtual rainforest online to get ideas about what animals you might create.


Stay Safe program: (Revision)


You can click on Teacher Resources and access the lessons and the resources (3rd and 4th class lessons)

Topic 2 Friendship and Bullying  Lesson 1: Friendship:

Discuss with your child how we should treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

Ask your child to think about the qualities that make a good friend.

When have you been a good friend? Can you think of an example?

Remind your child that we cannot be friends with everyone, but it is important that we treat everyone with respect.

Fun and simple art activities that you can be trying over the next few weeks:

This is such a fantastic video. It’s amazing what creations you can make by only using your hand.

You can use oranges or apples if you don’t have any balls.

Make sure to look after yourself and your family and while schoolwork is important, be sure you make time for the fun things too. Stay safe and I hope to meet you all again very soon.  Have a good week and take care.

Miss Mangan